• There will be parcial and final classifications differentiated for men and women.
  • The winner will be the cyclist that achieves the shortest time in the three stages
    having a winner for each stage.
  • She/he will get a yellow jersey in the following modalities:
    – Bicycle .
    – Tricycle .
    – Hand bike.
    – Tandem.
  • Likewise, there will be a winner for each of the following categories:
    -Bicycle: Categories C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5.
    -Tricycle: T1 and T2.
    -Hand bike: H1, H2, H3 and H4.
    -Tandem: B.
  • At the end of each stage and the race trophies will be awarded to the overall
    winners, as well as the first and second classified of each category. If the
    number of participants are less than 3 in a category only the first classified will
    be awarded a trophy.
  • The withdrawn participants in any try out may participate in the rest, but the
    result of the failed try out will not apply to the general standings.


  • Before 3th July e by email, to or by
  • Inscription fees: 35 euros.


  • BIRA will provide medical services and ambulances according to the regulations
    of the Basque Cycling Federation.
  • Medical assistance will only be performed by the sanitary personnel provided by
    the event´s organizer.


  • The Organizers will provide equipment cars for the good development of the
    race. Likewise, there will be at least two specially adapted vehicles available for
    access to people with mobile disabilities in order to assist submitted athletes.
  • The Organizers will provide as many vehicles as necessary for the Technical
    Jury to carry out its functions, including at least two motorcycles.


  • Starting times for each participant will be communicated in advance and will
    follow the order of the standings.
  • The participants will start the race with a 30-second difference between them.
  • If a participant is submitted late on the schedule, that time will be added to
    their starting time.


  • The organizers will cover lodging and feeding expenses (full-board) for all
    participants with a UCI license in FADURA SPORT HOSTEL or BILBAO YOUTH
    HOSTEL (checking in on Friday evening, and checking out on the 19 of July).
  • The Organizers will cover the expenses (lodging and breakfast) for those
    participants with a UCI license who prefer to be lodged at the hotel (*** or
    ****) arranged by the organizers.
  • Participants should choose one of these two options before 3th of July. Emailing
    the organizers at